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Disciplined Daughter :New - Spindle Only
Disciplined Daughter :New - Spindle Only
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Details: Linda falls under the charge of her lovely new stepmother. Well, the comely redhead (portrayed by Star Chandler) isn't about to follow that bitch's orders. Oh no? Think again, Linda. The stepmom, Angela (played by Cindy Dag), hires a professional specialist in "behavior modification and physical correction." Or does she? Could it be that an imposter is standing in for the famed Mistress of Discipline? All Linda knows is that she gets bound, gagged, blindfolded and wrapped up in a quilt. The human sleeping bag is hauled to a reform school, where lessons are tough with up-to-date and terrifying versions of the old-fashioned hickory stick. One twist and turn after another keeps viewers glued to the screen. First off, darling Linda learns her painful lessons only too well, and that goes hard indeed on her shocked stepmother. To make matters even more interesting, a would be dom (big titted June Bauer, top B&D model and national cover girl) finds out that, yes, there really is a Mistress Alexis (and she's played with lifelike fidelity by Alexis Payne herself). It's one scene of brutality after the next, exalting in intensity and utilizing unheard of methods of punishment. Tits get bitten with frightening fury, ropes rip up the slit of pussies, suction cups distend tender nipples and a bewildering variety of leather lashes stripe soft skin a bright red! This one is definitely not for the faint of heart. And what makes you think the wicked stepmother doesn't come in for her share of suffering? She has it coming but why and at whose merciless hands? To make matters even worse for somebody, one of the gals ends up an abject slave for six long months, and can't do a dammed thing about it.

*DVD Only, No Case Or Artwork Included*

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