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50 PC DVD Mix- Teenage Hardcore
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Details: 50 PC DVD Mix- Teenage Hardcore

***IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT DVDs*** specializes in bulk DVD mixes and are one of the very few distributors left in the U.S. who still
offer pertitle DVDs for wholesale. However, it's getting increasingly harder to find them in this ever-changing market. With
that said, we will continue to sell Bulk Mixes at the best prices possible as well as per title DVDs as a convenience for our

What's changed, you ask? Due to PayPal’s increase in processing fees and not refunding initial fees while doing credits, there
will be a 5% cancellation charge deducted from your credit, should you prepay for DVDs by the title and require them to not be
substituted.To avoid this, and before ordering any DVD by title, we ask that you do one of the following:
A.    We ask that you allow our DVD experts pick titles that are the same in genre, that may contain the same or similar
performers. They will always be newer,equal in cost or higher. We also always include freebies as well when you choose this

B.    Should you need specific titles that cannot be substituted, please contact us first!Simply email us or use the contact
form. Please include the title and the sku of the title(s) you are looking for. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible
whether they are available, out of stock or discontinued.

C.    During check out, please finalize your order as a *Purchase Order and write: “NO SUBSTITUTIONS” in the notes section
in the checkout. We will email you, the status of what’s in stock, what titles are not and what are special order. Please keep
in mind, this will delay your order being processed.

D. Should you choose B. or C. above, we suggest you place the 'DVD Purchase order' separately from your ‘prepaid’ novelty order. This will prevent your product order from being delayed and shipped to you immediately. If we do not receive any instructions as described above, and you finalized with PayPal, your order will be quickly processed, picked, and shipped with titles being substituted. Most of our customers know, we always give you more BANG for your buck and extra DVDs and goodies too!

Thank you for your understanding and for your business all these years!

*Finalizing your order as a Purchase Order, will allow you to complete it without submitting payment. Then we can contact you about the titles you ordered.

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