13. Online Shipping Estimates - How can I estimate my Shipping Charge? What is the Shipping Policy?
14. Do I need to send my Tax Documents?
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1. What are your Minimum Order Requirements?

We have NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS! That's right! No minimums for Bulk or Drop Ship orders....EVER! Because of increasing processing and handling rates we have to charge a flat 3% fee to help cover those expenses.

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2. What Payment Types do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. For those of you that do not wish to use a credit card you may create a Purchase Order and pay by bank certified check, money order, or wire transfer. Please select "Bill Me" upon checkout. This will finalize your order without a payment and you will be emailed instructions on how and where to mail in your payment. We do not offer COD shipments at this time. Due to security issues there will be certain areas or countries that we will only accept bank checks, money orders, or wire transfer. If this is the case with your location we will notify you.

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3. Do you offer Credit or Net terms?

We are currently not accepting any new Net accounts because of too many outstanding delinquent accounts. We will put up a notification should this change.

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4. Are the Wholesale Prices listed on the site fixed, or do you offer additional discounts?

Yes, we do offer additional discounts to retailers! Additional discounts are available to retailers depending on the type and quantity of product you intend to purchase. The more you purchase, the larger discount we can offer. We currently are offering additional discounts for any order over $3,000 USD. Please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss more about opportunities to leverage your purchasing power!

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5. How are Shipping Charges calculated?

When you place an order through our online system you will see a shipping ESTIMATE during the checkout process. This is based on the monetary value of the order. Once your order is packed and put on the shipping scale, you are either charged or credited the difference in shipping cost. We charge you actual shipping cost only. Any additional shipping charge will be posted to your payment account separately from the initial charge. For more info please review our shipping policies page.

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6. If I need my order faster, can you expedite it?

We have a very simple policy when it comes to fulfillment: Orders are processed in the order received. Please allow 24 to 48 hours in-house processing. Once your order is fully processed, we can ship it any method you like(i.e. 3-day, 2-day, or Overnight) and you will be responsible for the additional cost. Many times we get requests to put an order in front of others - we cannot and will not do this. If you do want a faster shipping method, all you have to do is request the desired delivery date in the Special Instructions upon checkout, otherwise policy is to ship via FedEx Ground, FedEx SmartPost, or USPS. Should you request a phone call with shipping quotes prior to shipping, we will call you once your order is on the scale. Do keep in mind that should we not be able to contact you, your order will be pulled from the line and NOT shipped until we get in touch with you. Please be sure to provide accurate contact information to avoid this. We appreciate your cooperation.
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7. Do you offer Drop Shipping for my Online Store?

Yes! We have developed a state of the art drop shipment program for our members. For more information on our drop shipping services please click here.

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8. What are the charges for drop shipping orders with you?


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9. Do you offer different shipping options for drop ship orders such as USPS or Fed Ex?

Yes! Dropship orders ship via FedEx SmartPost or USPS because it's the quickest and least expensive. If you want us to ship via FedEx Ground or Express we can do so (just keep in mind the additional charges you'll be responsible for). We do not normally ship dropship orders via FedEx due to the higher cost. We can accommodate 3-day, 2-day, and Overnight requests, but you still have to allow adequate processing time of 24 to 48 business hours. Once an order is on the scale, we'll ship it any method you like. Simply specify the desired method in the Special Instructions upon checkout.

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10.Do you ship internationally and if so, how much is shipping?

YES! We ship internationally! We ship world wide except where you're not allowed to possess adult products. If you are unsure as to whether you're allowed to import our products, email us and we'll let you know. Like U.S. customers, you are responsible for all shipping costs. Our shipping estimate charts do not pertain to international orders. International orders will incur a higher shipping cost. If you do live outside of the U.S., we suggest you order as much as possible per order to help save you on shipping costs. Small orders might cost you more in shipping than the actual product value. We ship internationally using FedEx Express or Priority (if requested). For shipping estimates by weight, go to and use the Rate Calculator. Input the origin shipping zip code of 12524.

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11. What do I do if my order comes missing items I ordered?

The most common two mistakes our customers do is miscount or misread our invoices. You want to look at your final invoice and make sure the items weren't out of stock. Also, always inspect the box and packing materials to make sure it was not missed during your inventory check. Then contact us with exact details as to what the situation is. We will then let you know how to proceed.

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12. My order has out of stock items and I really need them, how do go about getting them when they come back in stock? Do I have to reorder them?

If an item is out of stock that is on your ordered, we can either recommend a substitute or hold a back order for you for when it comes back in. Simply put in your order notes, Notify me if items are out of stock and offer subs. Then we’ll email you or once they come back in stock we’ll let you know so you can reorder it.

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13.  Online Shipping Estimates - How can I estimate my Shipping Charge? What is the Shipping Policy?

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14. Do I need to send in my Tax Documents?

If you live or conduct business in the state of New York, yes.  We require your Certificate of Authority and NY Form ST-120.  Both forms must be on file in order to avoid the New York State Sales Tax charge.  You may fax your tax documents to 845-632-3241 or email attachments to

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15. I want to sell your products, do I have to buy the Adult Database Kit you offer or can I copy and paste images and descriptions from your web site?

You do not have to purchase the License to the Adult Database Kit in order to stock and sell the products we distribute. You may copy and paste our images and product information one by one to create your own database, no problem. Some retailers do that to start out. We would only suggest purchasing the Adult Database Kit if you wanted a complete database that contains all of our product images, descriptions, skus, barcodes, categories, etc. in a nice, organized fashion that makes it 100% easier than building your own catalog. Keep in mind that that we have employees in our IT Dept. that work on our database fulltime - that's all they do. We are talking tens of thousands of man hours going into the Database Kit. It is the most extensive database in our industry. Don't forget we offer Free Updates, too! Your data will always be up-to-date and current. This allows you to focus on your branding, making sales, and drawing traffic.

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16. The Database Kit seems expense. We see other distributors offer their database of products for free?

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We know what every other distributor offers, and all you're going to find is rotten bananas. No one, and we mean NO ONE, has the database we offer. Not to mention the top-notch customer service that comes along with it and don't forget the free database updates, too! Most forget that once you have your store up and running, you have to keep the product offerings updated every day, as well. We don't want to discourage you, we want to prepare you. Opening an adult store, whether online or brick-and-mortar, is hard WORK! So why make your work 1000X harder for yourself trying to save a few bucks? If you calculate how long it will take you to build your database from scratch or try and make sense of someone else's that they slapped together and give you for free -- is your time worth more than 5 cents a day? Because that's what we figured out you will make by the time you're done. We understand the out of pocket expense might seem high for the Database Kit however, we give you most of it back in product once you reach a certain threshold of purchasing. Look at it like this - if you opened up a pizza shop, wouldn't you have to buy ovens, stoves, registers, glassware, and so on? That's what the disk is, it's an essential tool to starting your own business the correct way.

We have had so many go and try to build a database, and, after countless hours of development, realize that it's a massive undertaking. Thus they come back to us after wasting so much time and purchase the Kit. Over 75% of our new start-ups eventually reach the threshold tier. That's much better than our colleague's conversions, we can tell you that!

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