Sometimes a quickie is all that is needed; other times couples want a more engaging experience. Enter the Garden of Edo Organic Collection. The beautifully designed tin contains all the products a couple needs to have an amazing evening of fun. Start off with a relaxing bath and use the Lotus Flower Foaming Sea Crystals. Then move on to the exotic aphrodisiac oil and massage oil, both of which are made from green tea extract. Now that everyone’s relaxed, apply the Lotus Noir Sensitizing Gel to really heat things up. Lastly, there is a bottle of Toko Organica water-based lube to ensure that the evening goes smoothly. This isn’t just a product, it’s an erotic evening in a gorgeous package! Your customers will get fun and relaxation on a level, that you just can’t get from a spa, and they’ll get it for a fraction of the price! Not only will customers want this for themselves, but these tins also make for wonderful gifts.

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