Bikini Babes

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Bikini Babes Cupcake Sets from Little Genie are a must have for any party. Great for all occasions, bachelor parties, birthdays, girl's night out, and plain old fun! Contents: 24 cupcake wrappers with 2 different designs, and 24 toppers with 4 different designs.

Dirty Minds

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The best selling adult game of all time, Dirty Minds is considered the world's cleanest dirty game because highly suggestive clues lead to the most innocent answers. The dirt is all in your mind! The dirtier a mind you have, the worse you will be at playing Dirty Minds because all of the answers are clean! Dirty Minds will provide [...]

Rocks Off Bullet

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Rocks Off Little Charm 10 Speed Vibrating Bullet. Early nights will never be the same! Perfectly shaped to tease and please this little jewel of a rabbit is sure to be every girlsfavorite go to bunny. Discreetly delightful, Little Charms clever ergonomic curves fit snuggly to all the right places while his nose and long ears mischievously tickle your fancy [...]

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