Of All The Bear Necessities…

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These male enhancement gummies are absorbed in your mouth, not in your stomach, so they’ll work much more quickly than other enhancement supplements. Your customers will appreciate the speed at which these act, as well as, their delightful flavor. If you want to offer a solution to get hard, that’s not hard to find, then look no further. Click here [...]

Enjoyable Protection At An Affordable Price

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These triple-tested condoms not only protect against pregnancy and the standard battery of STDs, like other latex condoms do, but your customers will love the added texture that these condoms have. She will get extra pleasurable sensations, that will bring the excitement to new heights. He will get the satisfaction of improving upon his already significant prowess. These condoms will [...]

Sexy Value Your Customers Will Love

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Let’s face it, your customers return to shop with you, time and again, because they value quality and they want products that will make them feel sexy. This hot number from Elegant Moments Lingerie will make a great addition to your inventory stock. It’s a black, stretchy body stocking, that will fit most women from sizes 6 – 16. Other [...]

Nothing Butt Fun…

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This book is perfect for all of your customers, who have backdoor curiosity, but lack experience. Why this book, as opposed to all the other sex manuals out there? While it’s educational, this title is anything but a textbook! Not only is the tongue-in-cheek narrative enjoyable and amusing to read, but it’s accompanied by dozens of detailed illustrations, that show [...]

Warming Lube By Women, For Women

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This silky, smooth personal lubricant will never be sticky or tacky, and it’s safe to use on all latex toys and prophylactics. Unlike other warming lubes, that require the user to blow on them to activate the warming sensation, JO H20 activates on contact. It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic, fragrance-free, contains vitamin E, and won’t clog pores. JO products are designed by [...]

Satisfy Your Customers With This Bang-On Product

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Both your male and female customers are going to love this hollow, 6 inch strap-on. Since the Dr. Skin is hollow, it can accommodate the average-sized member, to assist those who need a little bit of help, but it’s also popular with the female-only demographic. It’s made from non-porous, lab-tested, body-safe PVC, that has a lifelike feel. This means it’s [...]

Your Customers Will Beg To Get Arrested!

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♪ Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♫ Have your customers been bad? These busty cops will cum for them. Your customers will laugh! They’ll cry (when they see how gorgeous these stars are)! They’ll cum! This star-studded, humorous title is a must for any collector. When you carry this title, your customers will know that you carry [...]

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Why is this the vibrator your customers want? It’s made of G-Skin Medical Silicone + ABS; it’s incredibly quiet, at only 40db; it’s rechargeable and offers more than 2 hours of orgasmic runtime, on a single charge; and this vibrator is designed to hit the G-Spot! Need more? It was designed by the President/CEO of GigglesWorld®, a man who has [...]

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