The Rabbit All Your Bunnies Will Want

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If your customers buy only one vibrator, it should be this one. The Pink Bunny™ by Pink Vibes™ is made from smooth, body-safe silicone and has two powerful motors. Your customers will not only get the g-spot stimulation they seek but what makes this rabbit special is that instead of just clitoral vibrations, this also provides intense clitoral suction. It [...]

You Can Never Have Too Much of A Good Thing

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The Mr. Ed, by Dr. Skin, is very aptly named after the television horse. Its 13 inches will stretch the limits of even your most adventurous customers. It’s body-safe, compatible with harnesses, feels like real skin, and has a suction cup. If your customers are looking for something truly large, keeping this on the shelf will help satisfy their cravings. [...]

It’s All About The Base…

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This isn’t your average 6.5 inch vibrator. Typically, like with real anatomy, dildos and vibes are widest at the head, if there’s a width differential at all. This model is superior because most of the nerve endings in the vagina are around the lips and outer opening. Your customers can get the full feeling they desire, while at the same [...]

This Product Will Shock You!

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Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy beginner’s electro-sex kit is perfect for those looking to try something new! It has an easy-to-read LCD screen and 3 pre-programmed pulsation patterns. The shocks are variable, from a slight tingle to a serious love tap. It has more than 100 combinations of stimulation to choose from, a timer function, and even an instruction [...]

If Ponce de León Only Knew…

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Not all lubes are created equal. The Anal & Vaginal Tightening Lube by Tight is one of those lubes, that’s special. It helps to reverse the loss of elasticity caused by age and wear and tear. It accomplishes this without the use of drugs or surgeries and will make your customers feel wet, tight, and supple like they did when [...]

How To Avoid Gumming Up The Works

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Were you to ask men, “what could your partner do to improve giving blow jobs?” it is unlikely that you’d get the response, “I wish they’d use more teeth.” That’s where this product comes in handy. This oral sex candy is designed to not only taste good, but to also protect sensitive equipment from snagging a tooth. Your customers will [...]

Jazzed About Jizz

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Everyone has that thing they enjoy doing. If your customers’ thing happens to be cum play, then you can help them have their fun in a safe way. Jizzle Juice, by King Cock, is the realistic feeling, smelling, and looking semen analog that your customers can enjoy playing with, without the risk of infections or pregnancy. Best of all, they [...]

Here’s A Product That Will Make A SPLASH!

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What’s the best part of sex? While there are many great things, if you said anything other than cumming, then you’re doing it wrong! Max Load is an enhancement supplement that increases that experience. Boasting larger loads, longer ejaculatory periods, and shorter refractory time, this product is going to seriously improve your customers’ fun! They’ll have a blast and make [...]

The Messier The Better

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Good sex is messy and great sex is even more so. You know this as do your customers. Now your customers can make as big a mess as they want, with this durable, body-safe, PVC protective sheet! They’ll never have to worry about ruining another bedroom set or staining a good mattress. This alluring, red sheet can even be used [...]

Just Because Your Customers Aren’t Sticks, Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Be Attractive

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The portion of the population who are incredibly thin is smaller than ever. This selection of lingerie is aimed at your queen-sized customers. The Magic Silk Lingerie Bustier and G-String Panties from the Luv Lace Collection, by Magic Silk, are perfect for women who have dress sizes 16-18. Available in black and red, this lingerie set is a great seller. [...]

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