Feathers & Ticklers

Starburst Feather Red
Starburst Feather Red
  • Model: gwss72003
  • Manufactured by: Sport Sheets

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Details: UPC: 646709720032

Starburst Tickler Feather Red. Sensual feather topped wand that will bend your partner to your will. Turn your partner's whole body into a sexy spelling bee by tracing out letters and words! Feather Fantasy Tickler: Make long lingering strokes on you lover's skin. Following the contours of their body, find their special spot or tickle zone. Flutter and twirl in place to get a rise out of your partner. Whole tickler is 24 inches and feather is about 6 inches long. Starburst Tickler Feather Red from Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. New images for 2013.

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