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Now that you know how to use a cockring and why they are a favorite ‘go-to’ toy for so many men, we want to let you know about some of our most popular cockrings we are sure you’re going to want to check out!

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The Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit features two intensely powerful bullets that slide into the TPE material above and below the shaft. These bullets send two sets of small ticklers into a tickling frenzy to stimulate both the wearer underneath his balls, and to stimulate his partner as well. It features a hard wired remote control with true multi-speed dial controller, giving the wearer (or his partner) control of the intensity.

Perfect for garage sex blue collar fantasies!

Our U Got Nutz cockring is perfect for any man who thinks sex toys and even cockrings are too feminine for a man to play with. (Yes they still exist in 2011). They are simple, sleek and easy to use. Depending on the size of the wearer, some men prefer to wrap these around the shaft only, while others wear them around the shaft and testicles. They make a great gift and are a fun way to live out some blue collar, garage sex fantasies.

The Vibrating Pleasure Ring is a disposable cockring that boasts the power of one you can use over and over. Maintain firm erections and prolong ejaculation with this one-shot Vibrating Pleasure Ring. This super-stretchy ring has a powerful micro stimulator that can be used to tickle her clit or his balls, resulting in extra explosive orgasms and long-lasting fun for the both of you. The body safe TPE is phthalate-free, condom compatible, and perfect for beginners. The one-time disposable bullet delivers up to 40 minutes of powerful vibrations.

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On the other end of the cockring spectrum, we have our Metal Worx cockring for those looking for something more luxurious and more permanent. Metal Worx cockrings are made of high quality steel and will last you a lifetime with proper care. This is why we’ve included a sturdy latching case with removeable labels so you can store it discreetly or travel with it. It makes a great gift for that special man in your life, or a good way for a guy to spoil himself. Be sure to measure the girth of your penis so you can get the size that is right for you! Metal Worx cockrings are available in medium (1.75″ diameter), large (2″ diameter) and extra-large (2.25″ diameter).

These are just a few of the many different types of cockrings Pipedream has to offer. Be sure to visit our wholesale website to see the entire range of offerings.

If you would like to know which of our rings other men enjoy the most, here is a list of our top sellers:

1. PD2219-99, Mega Stretch Rings, Assorted Colors

2. PD2365-12, Vibrating Pleasure Rings

3. PD2319-00, Mini One-Touch Cockring

4. PD2332-12, Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit

5. PD2244-99, Mega Stretch Doughnut Rings

6. PD2219-23, Mega Stretch Rings, Black

7. PD2315-11, Wonderful Wabbit, Pink

8. PD2320-12, Cockring Cuties, Butterfly

9. PD2322-12, Vibrating Ball Banger Cockring

10. PD2271-00, Mega-Stretch Designer Rings

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